University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” has launched the use of the new software on “Management of Budget and Finance”


Monday, January 16, 2017

The Finance and IT team of the UP have tested in details the use of software during 7-9 January 2017, including the role of the users and have successfully hosted the software in the servers of the UP.
Starting from January 11 2017 the software is ready for use for all the finance officers in UP. Through this software, the following operations are enabled:
1.  The registration of the approved budget for 2017 for the Rectorate and all academic units;
2. Budget allocation, approval and expenses for 2017;
3. Possibility to search the system,
4. Extract of reports;
5. Self-administration,                       
6.  Registration of the suppliers that have been contracted by the UP and including new contractors;
7. Registration and approval of official travels;
8. Management of advances;
9. Requests for purchasing and online approvals.
10. The linking of the finance system with SEMS and the personnel software for the management of contracts, salaries, bonuses and extra payments.
The UP’s finance officers’ first task is to register in the new software the approved 2017 budget forthe Rectorate and the academic units.