Trainings plan for modernisation and strenghtening of Human Capacities published - Report D.3.1

The observations made in the kick-off meeting lead to the fact, that general discussions about the status-quo and the specification of the meaning of autonomy and accountability in general should be a part of all upcoming consortium meetings. This strategic work is covered by WP4, which aims to the development of a ‘White Paper’ for a Financial Model for the Kosovo Public HE system. As there exists a strong interdependency between this strategic work and the topics of the training modules, EU partners came to the conclusion that it would be very helpful to combine both aspects in all upcoming project meetings.
During the study visits it became clear that the legal documents (higher education law) and strategic higher education-related policy documents (development plan, etc.) already exists in a very modern way, but there is no connection with the distribution of financial resources within the sector. For this reason, it is highly recommendable to organise recurrent intensive trainings sessions for senior representatives from the top management. Therefore, in each workshop, a subdivision between strategic themes for the top management (in connection with the white paper) and "practical workshops " will be scheduled. With this approach a broader efficacy are generated for the participating Kosovarian Universities:

  • White Paper group: HEI Top-Management-level staff and representatives of governmental partner institutions working on general aspects of autonomy and accountability with the aim to formulate the White Paper
  • Workshop group: Different target groups of the HEIs training and working on specific topics training modules in the true sense

At the numerous conversations/discussions during the study visits it became apparent that there is high discrepancy between the public authorities and universities about the opportunities that are possible within the current legal framework. Hence, a special intensive unit will be scheduled during the third workshop as a briefing session on the higher education law as well as procurement rules for the universities.
The following training plan only describes the different topics of the workshop group (training modules). The White Paper group meetings will be part of every project meeting.