Activity Plan

WP 1 - Analysis:
D1.1. Training Needs Analysis (completed)
D1.2. Technical Infrastructure Needs Analysis (completed)
D1.3. EU Financial Models Analysis (completed)
D1.4. Roundtable Report - Kosovo FM for public HEIs (completed)
WP 2 - Modernisation & Updating of Technical Infrastructure
D2.1. Hadware equipipment reinforced based on needs analysis (ongoing)
D2.2. Software apps reinforce attending needs analysis (completed)
WP 3 - Modernisation & Strenghtening of Human Capacities
D3.1. Targeted training workshops attending needs analysis (completed)
D3.2. Online Coaching (ongoing)
D3.3. Guide for the Financial Management of Kosovo HEIs (ongoing)
WP 4 - Sustainability & Strategic Works
D4.1. Institutional Workshops & developing institutional action plans
D4.2. White Paper on Financial Autonomy & Accountability
D4.3. FAITH platform transfer
WP 5 - Dissemination
D5.1. Dissemination plan & package (completed)
D5.2. Internal Dissemination (ongoing)
D5.3. External Dissemination (ongoing)
D5.4. National Conferences on Financial Management (ongoing)
WP 6 - Quality
D6.1. Monitoring of project results
D6.2. High quality of outputs & outcomes
WP 7 - Management
D7.1. Successful, on time, in-budget workplan execution
D7.2. Reports to the EC & internal progress reports